Proposed New Rule About Premiums in Marketing Mail

USPS reviewing rule change to limit Marketing Mail content to only paper-based printed matter.

The United States Postal Service recently announced that it is considering amending the Domestic Mail Manual and revising content standards for Marketing Mail.  The proposed change would limit the content of all Marketing Mail to only paper-based/printed matter; no merchandise or goods will be allowed regardless of ‘value’.  The rule would affect all categories and classifications from letter to flat, profit or non-profit, and regardless of level or sortation.

The proposed standard would essentially eliminate the option for mailers to include premiums with their mail piece while using the  Marketing Mail rates.  Nonprofits often include premium items such as notepads, stickers, or medallions in their mail pieces to improve response rates.  Mailers would be forced into other mail classifications such as Priority Mail or Parcel Select in order to continue including the premium items if the rule goes into effect.

The USPS has set a deadline of October 22, 2018 for comments for and against the rule change.

Contact your Account Manager with any questions you may have.

Director of Information Technology

NFocus is looking to add a Director of Information Technology to our team.

Job description

The Director of Information Technology envisions product development and manages projects through completion; analyzes, designs and develops software enhancements and new modules; manages development projects from initial design through testing while providing strategic management direction. Additionally, the Director of Information Technology is a member of the Executive Team and contributes to the vision and strategic planning for the company.

Essential Functions

  • Exercises independent judgement and discretion in overall project management by prioritizing, planning, and tracking project progress.
  • Develops standards and processes inside of an Agile environment.
  • Manages and directs software developers. Evaluates employee performance, sets expectations and goals for the development team and individual staff members, recruits, disciplines, and trains staff.
  • Leads development team in decisions pertaining to software development, testing, and deployment technologies.
  • Mentors and coaches development staff to improve quality and efficiency.
  • Consults with internal and external customer in areas of system design, modification, and trouble shooting.
  • Contributes to development efforts to further advance software offerings.
  • Assists in budgeting, forecasting, and release planning.


  • Technical Capacity
  • Leadership
  • Project Management
  • Communication Proficiency
  • Performance Management
  • Problem Solving/Analysis
  • Strategic Planning

Core Technologies

  • NodeJS / Javascript
  • .NET/C#, .NET Core
  • MVC WebAPI
  • UI/UX (Design, CSS, Cross-browser)
  • SQL
  • Layered Architecture
  •  Angular Framework
  • MVVM
  • Bootstrap
  • Entity Framework
  • PostgreSQL
  • Git Source Control
  • Cloud development

For more information please contact Dianne Garlinger Director of Finance and Human Resources.

Postal News and Information, September 10th

Postal news and information from around the web

Smart Saturation Starts Here

The NFocus Smart Saturation solution helps marketers succeed by saving money on postage while enjoying the benefits of a highly targeted list.

Saving money on postage while using roof-top level targeting seems like an impossible request.  NFocus delivers on that request with our Smart Saturation solution.

The NFocus Smart Saturation solution provides a robustly targeted list, not just simply removing addresses to meet postage levels.  NFocus works with you to identify your targeting, develop your profile and execute a finely-tuned direct mail list.

IdentifyNFocus the Data Agency

The first step in building a targeted list is identifying the best prospect.  The NFocus Audience NSight report provides a customized prospect profile based on your client list.  Overlay demographic, behavioral or property data to create a targeting profile specific to your needs.


The NFocus account management team works with you to further develop your targeting by ranking and scoring the data, helping you strengthen the profile.  The data is then loaded into the Listcounts portal to create a comprehensive customized profile.  Your priorities.  Your business rules.  Your targeting.


The NFocus data analyst team reviews your data on roof-top level, analyzing your ideal customer profile while meeting your expected postage levels and business rules.

The result is a highly targeted list, built with robust data options, custom to your marketing needs and optimized to maximize your postage savings.

Contact your representative today for more information on the NFocus Smart Saturation solution.