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NFocus Email Solutions

Drive Customer Action Across Multiple Platforms

Marketers need to attract new customers and keep existing customers coming back.  Adding email marketing into your overall strategy is a cost-effective approach to grow your audience engagement.

NFocus multi-channel marketing options

The NFocus email suite of solutions provides you with the tools you need to keep your current customers informed while delivering your messages to new prospects.


Acquisition Email

The NFocus Acquisition Email program allows you to engage and attract new customers.  Robust targeting options gives you the ability to build prospect lists that mirror your current customers.

Loyalty Email

You have cultivated and grown your contact list, the NFocus Loyalty Email solutions gives you the tools to drive long-term results.  Comprehensive metrics and deployment options give you the ability to send the right messages to the right audiences to maximize your impact.

Email Append NFocus Email Solutions

Quickly grow the size of your email list with NFocus Email Append.  Match email addresses to postal records to enable multi-channel marketing, increase your reach, and improve retention.

Contact us to learn more about the NFocus email solution and the benefits of using a multi-channel approach in your marketing strategy.

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