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The Data Agency

A Strong Foundation of Data

Thousands of Data Options to Help You Target Your Prospects

NFocus is a company rooted in strong data, it is the foundation for everything we do. Founded in 1989, NFocus has grown to work with thousands of companies across the US processing billions of records annually. Printers, marketers, publishers, non-profit organizations, and retail businesses have partnered with NFocus because of our deep postal knowledge and extensive data portfolio.

NFocus is the host site and marketing technology provider for 99.9% of US addresses giving you access to thousands of targeting options:

•  Saturation
•  Consumer Household
•  Specialty Consumer
•  Property
•  Automotive Make/Model/Year
•  Transactional and Buyer Behavior
•  Business Directory
•  Institutional
•  New Business

•  Pre-Mover
•  New Mover
•  New Homeowner
•  New Construction
•  Building Permits
•  Stressed Property
•  Pre/Post Foreclosure
•  Bankruptcy
•  Tax Liens

Access the top data files 24/7 with our Listcounts® data portal. The NFocus ResQue® system provides powerful territory management and route balancing for your saturation campaigns. Improve every step of your marketing campaigns from prospect profiles to match back reporting with the Encore CDM™ solution.

Contact us to see how NFocus can help your company grow with data.