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About NFocus

NFocus is a company rooted in strong data, supported by knowledgeable people, and strengthened by innovative solutions to accelerate customer success. That mantra has guided our company since 1989 and is the reason why the top direct marketers, printers, and publishers have chosen to partner with NFocus for their data needs.


The foundation of success. NFocus is a host site and marketing technology provider for 99.9% of US addresses including the largest saturation, consumer, automotive, and property databases. NFocus provides you complete data intelligence with thousands of demographic, financial, transactional, behavioral, and trigger overlay options.


Your Data Subject Matter Experts. NFocus is your data clearinghouse staffed with in-house Data Analysts and Account Managers that will provide expert consultation for every step of your project. From selecting your best demographic target to optimizing your postage, NFocus is your trusted partner.

Meet our Management and Customer Service teams.


Innovative tools to maximize your success. NFocus is the industry leader in developing scalable solutions built for data marketers. The Listcounts®  Portal provides access to the top databases in the market 24/7. Our Encore CDM™ Solution offers complete campaign management from hygiene to response analysis. ResQue® Software provides unparalleled tools to help you manage your saturation mailing, including territory management and dynamic route tracking technology. NControl reporting helps you better understand the impact data has on your periodical mailing. Our exclusive Audience NSight™ Reporting analysis provides detailed prospect profiles to help you understand your best marketing target.

The Data. Our People. The Solutions.

The reasons why hundreds of companies trust NFocus to process billions of records each year. Contact us today to find out how NFocus can help you grow with data.