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A Message from NFocus Consulting President Doug Cronin about the Coronavirus

Our valued customers:

These are certainly unprecedented times. No one could have ever imagined in an age where people are more connected than ever before that we would be practicing social distancing and isolation. At NFocus, we believe we have a tremendous opportunity – and responsibility – to deliver our Helping Others Succeed commitment.

We have been preparing for several weeks to act on the impacts of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

  • In support of the need to flatten the Coronavirus curve, we are implementing a progressive work-from-home policy for most of our associates. We are well-equipped technologically and operationally and have taken steps to ensure our ability to support you with minimal disruption.
  • We appreciate your patience and understanding. There are additional ways for you to connect with NFocus, if needed:
    • Contact NFocus directly by email (notify at n-focus dot com) or phone at 740-654-5809, ext. 100-172.
    • Schedule a call with your account management professional.
  • We will continue to monitor updates that may provide additional options to assist those impacted by recent events related to the coronavirus.
  • We will continue to process work in a way that keeps both our customers and associates safe. For specific questions, please contact your account representative.

You have the strength, stability, and help of NFocus “to succeed.” We have a 30-year history of delivery, prudent decision-making, and have navigated significant challenges before. We look forward to helping our clients through this next challenge, ensuring we keep the commitments we make now and in the future.

There seems to be no shortage of information readily available, but it can sometimes be overwhelming to sift through it all. Here are short-cuts to a few helpful resources:

Our mission, “Helping Others Succeed” are not just words on a page. NFocus resources are rallying around this purpose as we find new ways to keep our commitments to you and the community around us. If we have any updates, you’ll be among the first to know.

Thank you for your trust in NFocus.

Doug Cronin,
President/Owner, NFocus Consulting Inc.