Featured Data Sets

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Automotive Direct
NFocus’s Automotive Direct database is the largest Make/Model/Year/VIN coded database available in the market. Among other targeting features, you can append trade-in values to create an effective Buy-Back campaign targeting the exact types of vehicles your buyers are looking for.
Business Directory
Doing Business-to-Business marketing? This data set gives you access to 17 million B2B records with multiple targeting options. Data sources for this set include directory listings, SEC filings, Better Business Bureau, new business registrations, trade journals, postal service information, government directories and census data.
Comprehensive New Mover
Looking for consumers primed to make major purchases? On average, New Movers spend more in their first 3 – 6 months in a new residence ($10k – $12k) than they will in the following three years. NFocus’s Comprehensive New Mover Set has up to 30% more new movers than other major resources and is updated weekly.


Consumer Household Data
Our best option for highly targeted marketing campaigns – NFocus’s Consumer Household Data Set is the industry’s most comprehensive compiled data source for household demographics. Robust targeting options for up to five individuals at a household level with thousands of demographic combinations and selects.
Enhanced Property
Real Estate, Home Improvement, Insurance, Energy & Telco, Home Improvement Magazines and Cooperatives, Mortgage & Financial and Landscaping represent the type of clients who benefit from this data set. Choose from hundreds of property attributes to support virtually any homeowner-specific marketing list.
Neighborhood Saturation
With 99.9% of all addresses in the United States represented, the NFocus Neighborhood Saturation database gives you the ability to target your most responsive addresses at the lowest postage. Download our one-sheet to find out more about the multiple methods we have for lowering your postal costs while delivering to the right addresses in your target neighborhoods.


New Homeowners
During the first two months of closing on a new home, the average new homeowner spends $4,500 more than a non-mover – making purchases on appliances, furnishings and home improvements among other things. The NFocus New Homeowner database includes only residential new home purchases; no lot sales, refinances or commercial property sales so your targeting is enhanced.

With so many options for refining your list, it can get overwhelming.

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