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Encore CDM™ Solution

Campaign Data Management From Prospect to Sale

Developed and managed by NFocus, the Encore Campaign Data Management solution makes your data smarter. Campaign data management solutions funnel data from a suspect to prospect to qualified lead and finally a sale. The Encore CDM solution invests in your data to help you close more sales.

There are four main branches for your data:

1. Data Quality of Leads: This is a forgotten step and can cost you sales.

2. Audience NSight™ Reporting: Do you know your customers and the local population?

3. Data Optimization: Print and Digital ranks, scores, and channel outputs.

4. Response Analysis: Postal and Click Tracking, and an in-depth look at your multi-channel response, influence, and heat density mapping.

NFocus is a data agency rooted in strong data, not just a list broker reselling a basic list. NFocus hosts and manages some of the largest data files available in the market today. From postal, consumer, automotive, and property to new movers, building permits, and stressed property files, NFocus can provide the key demographics that make the most impact to your specific marketing campaigns.

The Encore CDM solution was developed to help you manage and improve your marketing campaigns every step along the way. NFocus will help you clean your customer database, create targeting profiles based on your specific demographics, develop campaigns, and analyze your responses to improve future results.