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Lower Distribution Costs and Improve Deliverability

NFocus provides a full suite of data processing and analytic solutions to help position your publication for maximum postal saving and address quality. NFocus can also help you broaden your publication’s reach with email and other digital opportunities. For today’s publisher, sending a list and letting the postage “fall where it lands” is a broken business model. Postal software can cost you tens of thousands of dollars and the USPS network is a dynamic environment. Leverage your partnership with NFocus to better understand the process, continually improve your deliverability, and control your costs.

NFocus account managers and analysts are trained and well versed to help your publication apply best-in-class solutions. Your organization will be assigned a team of specialists to assure backup and redundancy as well as a continual workflow of quality control.

With NFocus, your mailing list becomes a database to build your business and not a basic circulation resource.

As the only company hosting and managing the largest postal, consumer, mortgage, property, and automotive datasets, we are your data partner connecting your publication to increased sales and improved circulation while reducing distribution costs.

Developed and managed by the NFocus Publication Solutions Team, your data becomes smarter by combing sales, circulation, and production.

Postage is Postage?
Far from it. As an independent partner, NFocus helps you streamline data quality, postal optimization, and improve processes.

NControlâ„¢ Reports
Be informed and create a data improvement plan with our proprietary NControl reports, helping you track quality, postage, and improve auditing.

Audience NSightâ„¢ Reports
Tell your advertisers the subscriber story to increase sales.

Inside Postal Scoop
NFocus keeps an ear on postal policy and rates to help your publication stay in the know and be prepared for postal changes.

Email Marketing
Expand your print to multi-channel publishing.

Data Flow
Is your production a linear process or a circular flow?