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NFocus Trademarks

The following registered trademarks are owned by NFocus Consulting, Inc: ResQue® and Listcounts®.
The following trademarks are owned by NFocus Consulting, Inc: Pax Medicus™, Ohio EMS Reporting™, ResStreet™, ResAlert™, ResWatch™, NControl™, ResMap™, Select-a-Street™, RouteDNA™, Datastream Pipeline™, The Data Agency™, The Practical Post Office™, NSight Analysis™, and ResID™.

USPS Trademarks & Disclaimers

The following trademarks are owned by the United States Postal Service®: ACS™, ANKLink™, CASS™, CASS Certified™, Confirm™, DMM®, DPV™, DSF2™, eLOT™, FASTforward®, First-Class™, First-Class Mail®, LACSLink™, MERLIN®, NCOALink™, Parcel Post®, PAVE™, PLANET™, PLANET Code®, Post Office™, Postal Service™, Standard Mail®, RDI™, The Postal Service™, US Postal Service™, U.S. Postal Service®, USPS®, ZIP™, ZIP Code™ and ZIP + 4®. This list is not exhaustive of the trademarks belonging to the Postal Service.

NFocus Consulting is a non-exclusive NCOALink Limited Service Provider. NCOALink Full Service Provider (FSP) and DSF2 processing for NFocus is provided by a non-exclusive USPS licensee.