Direct Mail's Positive Impact on the Younger Audience

In the digital age direct mail drives engagement with millennials.

That statement may seem like a contradiction of common knowledge but it is true based on recent reporting. The average American devotes about 10 hours a day to screen time but the digital landscape is fragmented with multiple platform and channel options making it difficult for marketers to stand out. Direct mail is proving itself effective at grabbing the attention of the younger audience.

Millennials are more likely to interact with direct mail than previous generations.

This younger audience will scan, sort, read and share the mail they receive, providing a captive and coveted audience for marketers.

Yes millennials do spend a lot of time on devices, but the data shows that if you are trying to reach this generation direct mail should be part of your omni-channel marketing approach.
NFocus provides multiple targeting options to help you reach this audience and stand out including our Consumer Household database and the Automotive Direct file. Contact your Account Manager or email us for more information on targeting options for your next direct mail campaign.


Source: Mail Moments: March 2016 Review, USPS (2016)

National Postal Forum

The National Postal Forum kicked into high gear on Monday and the NFocus team was there to discuss data with the thousands in attendance.

The NPF is an annual conference that brings together representatives from the mailing and shipping industries as well as the United States Postal Service.  The four-day event includes educational seminars, a trade show and networking events.  The 2017 NPF is being held in Baltimore, Maryland at the Baltimore Convention Center.

NFocus is the only data agency that attends the conference each year.  The event helps NFocus stay on top of new USPS initiatives and programs that will benefit our clients and partners.

The forum runs through Wednesday and the NFocus team can be found at booth #521.

Automotive In-Market Data Now Available

In-Market selects are now available on the Automotive Direct file on the NFocus Listcounts data portal.

Marketers now have the ability to select households more likely to be in-market to purchase a vehicle with options such as Purchase Type (new/used), Purchase Category (domestic/import) and by Vehicle Segment. The new In-Market selects can be used in addition to the Make/Model/Year data to create a highly targeted mailing list.

Contact your Account Manager or for more information on the NFocus automotive data solution or accessing the Listcounts data portal.