Postal News and Information, August 27th

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Track Status of Postal Facilities in Real Time

New online map provides status updates for postal facilities

The United States Postal Service’s new national map is now online.  The interactive map provides real time data for postal facilities across the United States.  Weather, road closures and other items pertinent to mailing operations are also viewable on the map.

The mapping interface provides mailers a live look at potential items that may have an effect on mail delivery.  You can view the live map here.

Direct Mail, It Works

Direct mail continues to be a popular marketing option.

48% of small and medium-sized businesses rely on direct mail as part of their overall marketing mix, according to Borrell Associates’ 2018 annual Local Advertiser Survey.  Direct mail edged out other channels including radio (44%), Search Engine Marketing (40%), and online Banner Ads (37%).

Why are businesses still leveraging direct mail?  Because it works.

According to the DMA’s 2017 Response Rate Report, acquisition direct mail campaigns show impressive results.  These include a 30% return on investment and a 5% response rate for flat sized mail pieces.

Getting your mail piece into the right hands is key in developing an effective campaign.  The NFocus team of Data Analysts and Account Managers are your partners to help you build a powerful direct mail strategy.

Uncover your best prospects with our comprehensive Audience NSight Report.  This proprietary report identifies key characteristics of your top customer.  Select from hundreds of demographic, behavioral and property options.

Build your targeted list using the Listcounts data portal.  Access the top marketing databases including roof-top level consumer, automotive and lifestyle changes with new movers and homeowners.

Custom Match Back reporting allows you to review campaign performance and analyze your return on your investment.

Contact us today for more information on our complete direct mail solutions.

Postal News and Information, August 13th

Postal news and information from around the web