Construction Update

Renovation work continues

Construction crews are taking advantage of the recent dry weather conditions and have continued making progress on the NFocus remodeling project.

Work is now focusing on the new front entryway.  The two-story arched entrance is being framed in and the roof is nearing completion.

NFocus team members signed their names on a piece of the truss that is now installed into the framework of the new front entryway.

Follow the progress of the project here and check out our photo gallery on Facebook.

Renovation Work Continues

Building renovations continue to progress

Construction crews continue to make progress on the NFocus exterior renovation project.  Crews were able to remove all the siding and old insulation on the Data Center and IT building.  Spray foam has also been installed on the south and west facing exterior walls.  Prep work for the EFIS insulation also started with a layer of plywood going up.

Follow the progress of the project here and check out our photo gallery on Facebook.

Construction Update 10/18

Major work starts on building renovations.

Construction crews took advantage of perfect weather conditions and began the first major step in renovating our buildings.  Today crews removed the metal siding on the southern facing wall.  The insulation will next be removed and replaced with more efficient spray on foam material.  The metal siding will also be replaced with EIFS providing an even higher insulation factor.

Follow all of the construction progress here.

NFocus Construction Updates

The familiar blue buildings that have housed NFocus for 20 years will soon go through a major renovation.

Pre-work began in mid-October to prepare the site for the construction work.  The buildings on Hubbard Drive in Lancaster are actually the third location NFocus has called home since the company was founded in 1989.  The interior of the buildings have been expanded and remodeled several times over the years as the staff grew and the company’s needs changed.  This project will focus on the exterior of the buildings.

“The exteriors of our two buildings are getting a complete face-lift,” said Doug Cronin, NFocus President. “We are excited about the new look, but we are even more excited about the new efficiencies we will be able to add in the process.”

The highly conductive metal siding will be replaced with EIFS siding.  The EIFS provides the exterior walls with an insulated, water-resistant, finished surface.  New foam insulation will also be installed giving the buildings a much higher R value and improving HVAC efficiencies.

The front parking lot will also get completely overhauled.  The new parking surface will feature more parking spaces and smoother traffic flow with redesigned entrance and exit.

We hope to have the project completed by the end of 2018.  You can follow the process of project here on our blog.